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Avoiding tobacco adds 20 years to the life of a teenager
  • In India, 900,000 people die due to tobacco related diseases per year
  • In India The tobacco contributes to 56.4% and 44.9% of cancers in men and women , respectively
  • India has the largest number of oral cancer cases in the world which is due to tobacco.
  • Tobacco smoking accounts for 82% of Chronic obstructive lung disease in India
  • Tobacco indirectly causes lung tuberculosis. Prevalence of TB is about 3 times as great among the ever-smokers as among the never-smokers. The heavier the smoking, either cigarettes or bidis, the greater the prevalence of TB among smokers. Mortality from TB is 3 to 4 times as great in ever-smokers as in never-smokers.
  • About half of the teenagers who use tobacco will eventually be killed by it (about a quarter in middle age and a quarter in old age)
  • It is estimated that India as compared to any other country will have the fastest rise in tobacco related deaths each year
The Magic in being active!
    It prevents high blood pressure.
It prevents heart attacks
It strengthens the heart and the blood vessels It increases your stamina.
It prevents osteoporosis It lowers cholestrol in blood
It prevents arthiritis It lowers triglycerides in blood
It prevents obesity It makes you younger
It tones your muscles It keeps you mentally alert
It increases oxygen levels in your body