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Appointment Service
HakeemIndia Appointment Services should only be used for non-urgent appointment requests. If the patient feels that they have an urgent medical problem, call the physician's office.

The HakeemIndia Appointment Service is one way in which we are aiming to improve upon the country's healthcare system. More people are now able to invest in valuable medical insurance, and medical practices are constantly developing. However, we feel that the number of people who are able to make doctors appointments could still be significantly improved.

HakeemIndia is a useful service which allows non-urgent appointments to be requested quickly and easily. You can browse available doctors, and book in to see the best physician for your needs and location. By requesting an appointment online, we can help to reduce long queues at individual practises, and assist in providing essential treatment to those that need it.

HakeemIndia Appointment Services are new free services that allow users to request appointments with a physician online. It has three easy steps:

1) Find Your Doctor. Enter your search criteria on the directory home page and press the 'Search Doctors' button.
2) Choose the physician you want on the Results page and Click on the Request for Appointment link. If you choose to view the physician's Profile page, you will find the Request for Appointment link there as well.
3) Complete the Online Appointment Request. Fill out the secure online forms and press 'Send Request'. The process takes less than 2 minutes.

HakeemIndia securely transmits your appointment request within minutes to the physician's email address. If you have provided us an email address on the form, you'll receive an email confirming the successful delivery of your request to the doctor's office. You can print out a summary of your request with a map to the doctor's office for your records and to write down the confirmed date and time of your appointment when the office calls you. You should get a call back from the physician's office in about one business day (sometimes longer if the office is closed or has some other disruption).

HakeemIndia Appointment Services are easy to use, reliable, and available 24 hours a day.